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The PullString Platform was designed to let non-technical teams craft rich two-way conversational experiences, or bots. The resources here will let you learn more about what PullString can do for you and how you can use it to make your own chatbots and agents.

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Running Your Own Code

PullString Author provides various options to let you run arbitrary code as part of your conversational experience. This can be useful to implement complex logic, perform database queries, or access external Web APIs, such as querying a weather service, getting a list of news headlines, adding an event to a calendar, or integrating with a knowledge base.

There are two main ways that you can run your own code within PullString:

  • The Run Code behavior: execute Node.js in a secure sandboxed environment. Learn More
  • The Web Service behavior: call a hosted Web API endpoint using a simple JSON protocol. Learn Mode

Your code can be passed the values of any number of entities in the conversation, so that your code can perform tasks based on the current conversational state. And your code can return new values for any number of entities, so that your code can change the conversational state.

PullString's chat debugger also offers several features to make it easier to debug your code when it executes within a conversational interaction. Learn More

Running Your Own Code

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