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The PullString Platform was designed to let non-technical teams craft rich two-way conversational experiences, or bots. The resources here will let you learn more about what PullString can do for you and how you can use it to make your own chatbots and agents.

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Create Your First Bot

To create your first chatbot with the PullString Platform, make sure you've registered at http://pullstring.com/ and have downloaded PullString Author. Then, check out the above video!

Quickstart Step-By-Step

You’ll use this Step-by-Step to create your very own knock-knock joke powered by PullString Author.

A few things to know before we get started:

  • Intents ( Intent Icon ) and Rules ( Rule Icon ) represent something specific you're "listening for" from the user
  • Fallbacks ( Fallback Icon ) are "catch-alls" for when the user says something you didn't predict with your rules
  • Responses ( Response Icon ) denote a message from your bot


  1. Go to http://pullstring.com/, create an account, and download PullString Author.

  2. When you open Author for the first time, the new project dialogue will appear. In the New From: field, under the Example Projects, select Quickstart and click OK.

  3. In the Conversation View, you’ll see some pre-populated lines and some placeholder lines for you to fill out. The bot begins with a response that reads “Knock Knock!” - double-click on the rule directly underneath it to fill out what you think the user will say (HINT: “who there”).

  4. Double-click on the response below to continue creating your knock knock masterpiece. Continue in this way until all of the placeholder lines have been filled in. If you need some inspiration, click on the “Need A Hint?” in the Category View on the left.

  5. Test your bot by using the Chat Debugger in the lower part of the UI - click Start and your bot will initiate. Interact with it by typing into the text field.

  6. Once you’re happy with your bot’s performance, it’s time to publish it to PullString’s Sandbox chat client. To do this, simply hit the Publish button in the upper Main Toolbar, make sure the Build Type is Sandbox, and click Publish. You’ll get a dialog telling you your bot was successfully published when it’s finished.

  7. Go to pullstring.com and make sure you’re logged in. In the Sandbox row, click on the Chat link and begin chatting!

Next Steps

You're probably interested in building something more exciting than a knock knock joke. To play with more working examples:

  • Go to FileNew
  • Click on the New From: drop down menu
  • In the drop down menu, select one of the projects under Example Projects
  • Enter a new project name, if desired
  • Click the OK button to create your new example project


These example projects are your own working copy. Feel free to play around with, augment, or break them. If you do happen to back yourself into a corner, you can always create a new copy. In addition, feel free to publish these projects if you wish.

If you're ready to begin building a project of your own, you can also create a new project from one of the Templates in the New From: drop down menu.

To learn about creating more advanced conversational experiences, we invite you to read through the rest of the docs.

Create Your First Bot

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