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The PullString Platform was designed to let non-technical teams craft rich two-way conversational experiences, or bots. The resources here will let you learn more about what PullString can do for you and how you can use it to make your own chatbots and agents.

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The PullString Platform

The PullString Author client for Mac OS X and Windows

The PullString Author client for Mac OS X and Windows

Hi there! So, you're here because you want to know what PullString is all about. Awesome.

In short, PullString is a new platform that provides an end-to-end solution for authoring, testing, hosting, analyzing, and iterating on chat bots (aka conversational agents). The platform has these major components:

  • The PullString Author application (used to craft conversational AI/NLP experiences)
  • Hybrid machine learning/rule-based intents with auto suggested synonyms
  • Integrated testing of content (tools to check that your bot works as expected)
  • Hosting of bots on various messaging platforms (Facebook, Skype, Slack, and more)
  • The PullString Web API (enables highly-scalable live conversations with your bots)
  • Built-in templates, sample projects, and a default intent library to get you off the ground
  • Chat analytics that provide insights into how users interact with your bots
  • Unicode support for responses, intents, and synonyms in different languages
  • Support for: Mac OS X 10.10+ and Windows 7+ 64-bit